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Artist/Group Agreement

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Venom Distriubution - Artist/Group Agreement

For a $75 fee - a mostly digital package and maybe some physical sales. For this service we will press up CD units with a spine, front and back cover, and thank yous in the middle. Venom Distribution will press up between 5-10 units for them to be sold. Units will cost 4 dollars to reprint. This package is mostly for digital distribution in over 78 musical sites

For a $150 fee - a digital and physical sales package, with about 20 units available for sale minimum. This package has the same CD press specifications as the 75 dollar fee, but more emphasis on the physical sales, as it's with an all hip hop distributor. Minimum units for sale online will be 20 units. Extra units can always be ordered by the artists to re stock or sell at shows, on the street, etc.

For a $300 fee - both physical and digital services all over the world. CD press specifications are the same as the other packagages, but over 40 CDs will be in the system for sale. Plus, this package sets up your music for ring tones to be sold and downloaded in over 20 countries. For the serious artist who wants to go all out with their career.

Venom Distribution needs the following from you as the artist or head member:

1. checks from the artist for the start up packages will be paid to Venom Dist. or cash will be accepted;[ a 3 month leeway is needed to insure the cds and music will be uploaded in the proper distributor systems]
2. The best form of music mixed and/or mastered to a cd master or mp3 for venom dist. to use\ if an artists needs help he will be referred to pee deep with deep disk studios or fat Mac with Mac media
U The best artwork from a color copier with a front, back, spine and inside thank yous and track list of the songs minutes and seconds, producer and names of the artists.
4. Any logos or company names involved in the cd process on a disk or by color copy

Venom Distribution agrees to the following terms:

1. Venom Distribution shall primarily distribute, but withholds the right to some promotions, including but not limited to flyers, websites or other internet avenues such as MySpace, Facebook, Black Planet, etc or stickers placed on other CDs or DVDs of other Venom Distribution or Venom Productions artists
2. All monies will be be payable to Venom Distribution from the other distributors usually in increments of 10 dollars, 20 dollars or 40 dollars, or 200 dollars, at such time -venom dist will pay the artists
3. At any time an artist can request a sales report of the release from Venom - usually viewed online in real time
4. The agreement is enforceable as long as the life of the CD release. If the artist should want to cancel the distribution of the release, the artist or any outside party can pay a “buyout” to Venom Distribution in an amount both parties agree on:
___________ for venom Dist release titled ___________________ by artist___________________________
5. Venom Distribution will offer assistance to the the artist in the form of recommendations as to flyers, websites, web commerce, and live performance show bookings, and may charge the artist for expenses. The artist understands that venom dist is only a distributor and not a record label, and venom dist has the right to secure more distribution outlets than the others listed as long as the artist is compensated.
6. The artist will be due 50% of all money that is payable to Venom Dist. in regards to the release, including publishing.
7. Any live performance, appearance fees, commercial appearances, or any sponsorship money is solely the artists money.
8. Venom Dist will only pay 1 band leader or head producer, manager or lead lyricist in regards to the release. It therefore is that person’s responsibility to pay the other members of the group or managers involved.
9. Venom Dist is in no way affiliated with Venom Productions, Venom Records, or Venom Sports, and cannot be held liable or responsible in any way other than the duties described in this agreement.
10. As an artist or group, you have read and understand all the items above listed in this agreement.
11. If all or some of the items of the package are not executed due to negligence of Venom Dist. but not due to the decision of the main distributors, a pro-rated amount of the money given to Venom Dist by the artist will be refunded back to the arists, but not 100% of the money. An agreement will be reached on amount between Venom Dist and the artist.

Please note that the main distributor can cancel any Venom Dist release including the artist release therefore cancelling the deal between venom dist and the artist.

Additional add on packages for the artist

  1. mastering an album for 75 dollars

  2. a website for the artist or group maintained with 3-6 pages including web commerce for 100 dollars per year

  3. color 1 page flyers for 1 dollar per flyer

  4. your artwork professionally done by a graphic artist who specializes in wu tang/killer bee artists and groups, 75 dollars

The agent or person who is sub leasing the deal is ______________ for a finders fee of ____________________

Venom Dist is
Acie Earl aka Big Ace
Chris Carter aka Fat Mac
PO Box 1685
Moline, IL 61266
319 430-2537

Artist _____________________________________________
Date__________ SSN_______________